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Wearable Technology
App Development

Launching Wearable Technology driven business? We have made our customer proudly launch NFC based business

App & Solutions

Restaurant Food Delivery App helped an entrepreneur to run his business successfully

Insurance claim App

Insurance claim App for instant incident management for General Liability, Commercial Property claim,


Sensor Based Application requires adoption of New Technology that Support your IoT business, talk to us to know How we have implemented IoT Sensor Application to run business

Blockchain Proof-of-Work

Thinking of Implementing Blockchain to strengthen your business stability, we have rolled out Blockchain Distributed Ledger Proof-of-Work for our customer…. Schedule a video conference call

Clinical Trial Applications

Clinical Trial Applications that enabled user to create and manage dynamically various forms to record patient data, clinical trial data, etc in compliance with HIPPA

Automobile eCommerce Portal

Automobile eCommerce portal for custom made vehicles and dealer management

Cloud Business Application

Migrating your web based application to cloud business model? Experience matters as you take important business decisions…schedule a video conference to discuss with our Architect and CTO for a smooth technology transition and how we have migrated such challenging projects…..

eCommerce Application:

Launch with trust and confident your eCommerce application with us. We provide end-to-end solution for B2B and B2C ecommerce portals…

BI and Analytics

Business Intelligence (BI) and Analytics , Data warehouse simplified

Healthcare Web Apps

HL7 comply web based application for maintenance of patient demographic, appointment management, clinical data, insurance eligibility calculation, claim and status, etc

Vehicle and Asset Tracking Apps

Tracking Consignments along with users, devices and empowering a subscription based business on iOS and Android mobile application

Health and Corporate Wellness

Health Risk Assessment, Corporate Wellness Applications, Activity Planner, Scheduler, Eat Healthy, etc available in White Label

Toyaja’s Integration Experience and Services

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