What is DevOps?

With technology playing the disruptor across industry, products and processes that we used in the past, no longer fits in the solution framework for the future. Organizations are looking for a new, faster and innovative service delivery structure to serve their customers. Is DevOps answer to it? How to implement DevOps ?

DevOps practices accelerate the process of software delivery using Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD) which allow business units to collaborate and function faster. DevOps is aimed at increasing collaboration and cooperation among different functions of an organization to deliver faster, better, reliable and high-quality software solutions

We need tools that allow us to embrace open ecosystems and its associated fragmentation in new ways. It is a cultural shift that breaks the silos between operations, development, tools and business to deliver a competitive edge to the business.

The DevOps Implementation Company in US:

Toyaja’s DevOps implementation services helps you to implement best of DevOps tools that is suitable for your current and future projects. Our DevOps implementation services helps your organization to maintain a continuous feedback system and with a lot of information moving back and forth, logging everything becomes critical.

Our DevOps advisory team would first interact with your organization key stake holders to identify and recommend appropriate tools that would integrate a tool system and lets your organization to collaborate across development, testing and deployment would save a considerable amount of time

Our experience in DevOps emphasizes on Tool selection that is important as it should reflect and adhere to a common set of business objectives while providing seamless collaboration and integration between tools. Such tools are used to capture request and feedback. These tools can be integrated with survey platforms and can provide customer feedback while social media platforms can be integrated to provide the team with real-time feedback. It can later help in optimizing the products and spotting the gaps, issues and inefficiencies among the team.

However, in DevOps environment, deploying the right set of tools to the right users isn’t enough. A suitable connectivity between the DevOps tools is imperative to create a collaborative work environment among the team. Toyaja’s DevOps experts helps you in creating such environment and driving such a change. Our DevOps consultancy and implementation approach helps our customers not only a successful DevOps implementation but also an adoption driven approach that is symbiotic blend of culture, tools and methods.