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Toyaja has experience in providing technology services that includes consultation and implementation to more than 22 industries. We have been delivering small to large projects to all these industries. We could gain industry and domain knowledge because of our customer confidence on us.




The traditional methods of delivering healthcare services are no longer efficient in today’s world. Healthcare industry has undergone a major transformation. More






Today’s Manufacturers have gone far beyond their traditional methods of manufacturing goods. More






Media and Entertainment is one amongst the most rapidly developing industries. Technology plays a very crucial role in reshaping this industry and linking it to the end users. More






Construction industry these days are one of the fastest growing industries globally. As a result, collaboration of multiple projects at multiple locations becomes a pain point for construction companies. More






Today’s education enterprises offers modern facilities like online training/classes, performance tracking, report generation, hi-tech classrooms, etc. More





Professional Services

The key differentiation between Professional services organization and other industries is the resource constraints. More





Information Technology

Technology has got no limits. We see a new technology everyday in the market. Mastering every technology is not feasible in today’s competitive world where everyone is busy serving their customers at par with industry standards. More





Food and Hospitality

Improved technology and its acceptance helped many Food and Hospitality businesses around the world manage their business efficiently, optimize their resources and maximize profits. More





Logistics & Transportation

Logistics and transportation has always been a challenging and intense vertical because of its nature of high diversity. More





Power Energy

Power and Energy organizations across the world have made remarkable progress in the last few years by adopting technology in the fields of generation, transmission, distribution and utilization of electricity. More





Retail & Lifestyle

Retail and lifestyle industry has become customer centric. They are selling products and services through multiple channels, be it through stores or online ecommerce websites.More






The promising Forth Industrial Revolution is witnessing a close integration between physical machines, assets and digital technologies. More





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