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Media and Entertainment is one amongst the most rapidly developing industries. Technology plays a very crucial role in reshaping this industry and linking it to the end users. Consumer experience totally depends on the technology that you embrace within your organization. With exponentially increasing number of consumers, this industry is setting new trends in the market. The way in which traditional organizations use to operate is no more relevant to present scenario. Today, this industry requires a more cutting edge, innovative solution to deal with its growing number of audiences.

Toyaja helped a lot of such organizations grow with a strategically developed IT roadmap. Our decade of experience in addressing media and entertainment industry’s pain areas is one such weapon in our arsenal that helps us think their way. We understand the mandates of implementing a simplified yet efficient solution for any client. Identifying the problem areas, assessing them, cross verifying with our industry experts and finding out the best solution is an integral part of our implementation process. We have delivered the following solutions to our clients in media and entertainment industry:-

  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) application for print media and television industry
  • Customer and Employee self service portals
  • Web design for newspaper clients
  • Supply chain management (SCM) solution
  • Communications and Advertisement portal
  • Mobile based media apps development for Android and iOS platforms