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Food and Hospitality

Improved technology and its acceptance helped many Food and Hospitality businesses around the world manage their business efficiently, optimize their resources and maximize profits. Software Solutions such as ERP, Point of Sales (POS) Systems, Billing Systems, etc. have made restaurant owners’ lives much easier today

We at Toyaja have several years of experience working in the restaurant management industry and have developed business automation solutions ranging from ERP applications to table management software. These software solutions not only help these businesses optimize their processes but also bring in more transparency between the organization and their customers.

  • Mobile App Development
  • Billing software
  • Guest Management
  • Order management software
  • Point-of-Sales(POS) software
  • ERP application to address purchase, inventory, sales and distribution, HRMS, Fixed asset management needs

Please refer to our case studies to know more about our expertise in Food and Hospitality industry vertical