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Today’s Manufacturers have gone far beyond their traditional methods of manufacturing goods. They are not only trying to utilize skilled labors but also embracing latest technologies to raise their standards. Globalization has led them reach and fulfill the needs of global market. There has been drastic transformation in the operational structure of manufacturing industry. They are now trying to utilize different channels and resources available to them to grow their business and reach the target market. In order to do so, they need efficient softwares and monitoring systems that can help them keep a track of their business growth and take informed business decisions.

Challenges in Manufacturing Industry:

  • Fulfilling ever increasing global customer demands, and maintaining quality.
  • Keeping track of their inventory, production control, compliance mandates, and cost control.
  • We at Toyaja understand these challenges and hence build tailored applications that meet all the requirements of the Manufacturing Industry.
  • In order to address these industry pain points, we have so far delivered the following IT solutions and services to our esteemed manufacturing clients globally:
  • ERP solutions completely customized to meet manufacturing client requirements
  • Application Development services to meet each client’s unique needs
  • Application Re-engineering services in case of outdated applications
  • Enterprise portal solutions like executive dashboards, dealer and vendor portals, customer self service portal, e-commerce portal, OEM Relationship Management, etc.

Benefits We Delivered to Our Manufacturing Clients:

  • Minimized manufacturing cost and increased resource utilization
  • Cut down production bottlenecks
  • On-time delivery performance
  • Transparent operational control
  • Automated accounting and reporting