Internet of Things (IoT) is a technological development of services delivered or perceived via intelligent & interconnected devices around us. Internet of Things (IoT) is definitely the next wave of innovation and also the most ever increasing complex ecosystem. However with the utilization of convergence technologies will make its implementation quick and easy. The Innovation and Power of IoT will humanize every object of our life be at home, work or anything.

Toyaja has a hands on experience in developing Customer Software Application for IoT companies. Our experience R&D and Technology Team strategically engage with the organization planning to launch their services over IoT.

With our vast and in-depth technology experience on Node.js, Java, Python, PHP, .Net in , Angular JS, ReactJS, Bootstrap, JavaScript, iOS, Android and React Native, No DB, MongoDB, etc has helped our customer to choose us for their IoT Software development project . We have build custom applications that would interact & integrate with the Hardware firmware to collect business data. We have build intuitive end-user Mobile Application on iOS, Android and React Native that is critical of IoT business.

Our Tech Team adopts and implements most advanced technologies for the design and development of mobile apps, IoT, Wearable Tech, IoT specific custom web applications, eCommerce, mCommerce, , PoS systems and integration, cross-platform integration and development, on-demand products and application services, enterprise mobile application and enterprise mobility and more.

We have helped our customers in building Minimum Viable Products (MVPs) and Proof-of-concepts for their investment pitch. We were engaged by our IoT customer strategically as a complete “Information Technology Development “ department to help them right from conceptualization stage. During such engagements based on their business plan and projections, we start our engagement from technology tools selection, infrastructure architecture, security compliance & architecture, design, development , integration with IoT devices, complete testing, deployment and continuous support.