Best B2B eCommerce solutions for their customers/distributors in the USA
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B2B eCommerce Solution

B2B eCommerce Solution

Industrial manufacturing companies (IMCs) and Distributors are aiming to transform their business-to-business (B2B) e-commerce models. They are adopting semi-modern e-commerce platforms while seeking to convert the entire system into a more robust, advanced package. Business-to-business, or B2B, describes companies doing business with each other such as manufacturers selling to distributors and wholesalers selling to retailers. This business model differs from B2C, often offering negotiated pricing for different businesses for example.

Toyaja helps to manufacturers and distributors to build B2B eCommerce solutions for their customers/distributors and sales representatives. Our solution will integrate with existing Legacy/ERP systems.

With a robust eCommerce solutions provided by Toyaja, your distributors can place online orders in a secure environment that clearly shows their negotiated pricing, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Imagine a B2B website or web front portal that can streamline configure-price-quote processes, manage many-to-one business relationships, configure complex products, actuate customer-specific pricing, and meet advanced customer administration needs. Even your sales team and other internal staff benefit from them anytime, anywhere access to in-depth product specs, pricing, and customer account information.



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Solution features


The solution is based on implementing a web solution using the latest technological advances.


Toyaja provides the client with an intuitive front end user-friendly web design.


Solution coms with user modules like User Management, Order Management, Product Management, Reports, etc.,

User Experience

The Super Admin has all the rights to create users, manage products, creating permissions, manage log reports, and create documents, quotes.


Toyaja customized the complete dashboard of the application thus providing a user-friendly e-commerce portal.


Toyaja optimized every aspect of the process and making the eCommerce portal easy to use, cost-effective.

B2B eCommerce Solution

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