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EDI Software Solutions

Toyaja built expertise providing reliable, easy-to-use EDI software products and services designed specifically in Ambulatory Surgery Center and hospitals nationwide. Our EDI solution capture, exchange, and analyses the data enabling outpatient facilities to optimize revenue, operational efficiency and compliance.

Applications are getting feature packed every day and the amount to data captured on a daily basis in insurmountable. But capturing data is just one part of the puzzle, proper interpretation in terms of graphics, ensuring data accuracy is the key for any successful Business Intelligence Solution.



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Solution features

Web Solution

The solution is based on implementing a web solution using the latest technological advances, which helps in easy scalability.


Toyaja decided to provide a client with an attractive front end user-friendly web design. It enables users with no coding skills to start building reports.

Reports Management

Ability to plan data extraction and automate the entire reporting process, from getting data to refreshing reports to sending


The performance of the solution has been optimized multiple times, it reduces the pressure from the application server.

User Management

Enhanced security build in, which enables Admins to assign only required data to a particular user


The dashboard has multiple drill-down options, which enables the users to fully take advantage of data in terms of analysis.


Main List of Reports/Dashboard

  • AR Aging(Details & Summary) Reports
  • Trail Balance & Balance sheet
  • Cash Triangle Analysis Reports
  • Revenue Reserves Reports
  • Revenue JE Reports
  • OOP Details Reports
  • Sales by Region, the employee
  • Productivity Reports
  • Forecasting Reports
  • Bifurcating by Partners & Remittance Amount

Quick Look at our EDI Dashboard

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