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Food and
Restaurant Solution

Food and Restaurant Solution

Toyaja has specialized experience in building extensive web solutions for the food and restaurant industry and partly thereof related to any food order management system. We provide a solution that has strings with multiple locations for placing and managing the orders. This solution will cater to the needs of industry players like aviation, companies, and corporates even with independent chains. Every stage in the solution is carefully built with a pre-defined process that will go through different phases before delivering the generated orders. Right from receiving the orders, and processing or orders will have a place and a tracking mechanism to collect information and provides an ease to deliver them at the right time and location with integrated barcode generation within the solution.

Our solution will provide the users to integrate with all major payment gateways and capable to integrate with all major accounting and finance applications like QB. That helps users to get along with the accounting aspects as well internally with less effort and more accuracy which reduces errors and repetitions in a recording of entries.



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Solution Highlights

Food Menu creation

Creating the list of food items available for users in a more organized way

User Management

Creating several users under different phases to perform duties at their level

Subscription creation

Creating the price plans for the available categories of items available

Orders placement

Accepting the orders from users on different parameters and payments acknowledgment

Preparation status in Kitchen

Different sections in the kitchen will hold a respective stage of order processing and will be notified in the system for users any point of time

Assigning Drivers

Once the order preparation cycle is completed, will be assigned for the drivers who are partitioned basing on their serving or allocated locations

Barcode generation for every order

In order to keep a record on the item specification after completing the deliverable product, it will help to identify any point of time

QB Integration

A complete value addition that supports the majority of 3rd party accounting application integrations supports invoice generation and general account recording

Food and Restaurant Solution Flow

The solution is well designed with a standard process and that procedure will be a guiding factor for the user using the solution throughout. Every stage in the solution will assist and allow a detailed track of the happened and about to get happen activities while processing an order. In the below process chart an outlook of the solution can be seen.


Key Features

  • Multi location-based order management system
  • Process orders for corporate and aviation catering needs
  • Bulk order processing case company and corporate even for individuals also.
  • Order placement by the user and customer service executive confirmation and proceed with the kitchen.
  • Packaging and generation of barcodes for every order prepared in the kitchen.
  • Assigning drivers based on the order groups with respect to location wise
  • Ability to track orders at different stages like preparation, completion, packaging, dispatch, and transit
  • Captures the Credit card information of users in a secured way meeting with PCI compliance
  • Auto-renewal for recurring orders
  • QB integration for invoices generation and general accounting

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