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GPS Asset Tracking

GPS Asset Tracking

Toyaja Inc. implemented GPS Asset Tracking and mobility solution. Its intuitive web management interfaces are very user-friendly and built-in features include live and real-time position updates, instant alert and notifications (Geo-Fence, over speed, driving maintenance, offline and connected or disconnected, etc.). Device movement between ranges of dates, device-related information like speed, altitude & battery level, tracking group of devices at a glance.

Asset tracking solution designed for Personal, Vehicle, pet, vehicle finance asset protection, stolen vehicle recovery, simple fleet management, Parole or elderly, lone worker tracking.



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Solution features

Device Profiling

Creating and configuring the tracking devices along with digital and analog inputs as well as output that the device handles. Setting alert words and SMS commands.

Subscription Profiling

Creating and managing different levels of subscriptions applicable for different users. Maintaining the history on the go when subscriptions are modified.

User Management

Creating and managing different levels of users and defining their roles in the application. A streamlined process right from activations to utilization.

Alerts and Reporting

Application allowing to set various alerts like Over speed, Maintenance, Proximity, etc and triggering them when such event fires. Various types of custom reports to check on tracking data including the scheduling as well.

Maps Integration

Integrated mostly used maps like Google and Bing to check the poll data with each individual device and pointed with bread crumbs having a device and drive information. As a stand-by supports a third party map Open-GTS.


An extension to the web application facilitating the end-users to view the poll information and set various alerts and draw key reports.


Application Highlights

  • Powerful web-based back-end GPS
  • B2B, B2C, and the individual platform integrates with Google Maps, Bing and Open GTS
  • Mobile interface with Apple iPhone, iPad or Android to track asset, create alerts and reports
  • Over speed, Proximity, Fuel, Mileage, Drive, Sensor and more

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