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Health and Wellness
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Health and Wellness Portal Solutions

Toyaja has extensive experience in creating B2B and B2C web portals in Health and Wellness for corporate companies, Insurance brokers, TPAs.

Toyaja partnered with Evexia Inc., a Canadian-based Corporate Wellness Company. Our partnership is to design, develop, market and deliver Health and Wellness through Evexia® – a cloud-based global health and wellness portal. Evexia’s mandate is to offer world-class corporate health and wellness solutions. And Toyaja’s mandate is to initiate new technology innovations.

This collaboration brings together over 20 years of collective experience and skills in the wellness and technology industries with the final goal of creating customized products and services to promote health, prevent disease and lower employer costs.

Evexia Corporate Wellness Portal


  • Standard Portal A One-Stop Solution for Corporate Wellness Comprehensive, Engaging, Cost-effective, Easy to Implement
  • Stand-alone HRA The Health Risk Assessment comes with the Evexia portal but is also available as a stand-alone product.
  • Online scheduler The online scheduler is ideal for scheduling one-time or recurring appointments, health & wellness events, medical campaigns, clinical visits, health care seminars, etc.
  • Enterprise Portal Services Evexia is also available on a Reseller Basis (B2B) as a Fully Customized White Label Health and Wellness Portal.
  • Application integration & SSO Evexia integrates seamlessly with third-party vendors and APPs. This allows you to house all your health, wellness, benefits and other programs in one secure place with a single sign-on.

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