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Security Guard Management

Security Guard Management Solution

Toyaja has designed a next level customized security guard managing solution. Focusing on the industries after understanding their needs and what they require. Our solutions are ready to use for Security guard companies/agencies, Retail facilities, commercial facilities, warehouses and more yet to be introduced.

Security Guard Management solution is a cloud-based and mobile-based platform to provide ease and mobility of application. It’s generic in kind make users get most out of the application with the least effort.



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Solution features

Daily Record

Provide a complete scale of information of the security guards deployed at various client locations.

Guard Assessment

Provision to the security agencies to monitor and supervising the guards whether they comply with all the policies/rules and regulations.

Incident Record

Efficient incident management procedure for security guard

Guard Patrolling

An efficient way that enables guards to start patrolling and accomplish daily deliverables.

Order Management to Agencies

Forward work orders to outside agencies and get things done on time.

Security Guard Management Solution

Security Guard Management Application Highlights

  • SAAS / Cloud-based platform
  • Mobile Apps support iOS and Android
  • The strict control of daily log maintenance and reporting
  • Hierarchy on approvals
  • Quick incident records and reporting
  • Report on physical and asset damages
  • Assessing security guards in meeting industrial standards
  • Order management
  • Cost reduction

Our Approach

  • Client Interview: In this phase, we analyze and assess the requirement and identify the goals/objective of Security guard application
  • Define: In this phase, our subject matter expert team identifies functionality and feature list, define the process flow and demonstrate the capabilities.
  • Blueprint: In this final phase, we recommend a possible solution approach based on the best practices and estimate the delivery plan

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