General Question

Yes, from your web admin you can add or remove users as per your convenience. Once a user is removed, he/she can no longer log into the RESTOmPOS or RESTO-ERP applications.  

Yes, based on selecting user type you can restricts usage of the application features.

  • Admin - Full access
  • Manager - No Dashboard
  • Cheff - KDS access

Yes, by integrating your merchant account like authorized.net or stripe, etc. you can take direct online orders from your customers. The customer can place future orders also with date and time. 

Payment Question

We accept all credit cards, debit cards payments. You can also make payment through your digital wallets, Apple pay, Google pay, etc. Also, can make payment through net banking. 

Any technical issue related to RESTOmPOS or RESTO-ERP app via email, contact support@toyaja.com

As long as your RESTOmPOS or RESTO-ERP account is active support will remain available.

Technical Question

Please check app setting of each device you use. Printer should be enabled in order to use print option. Also, check WiFi status of mobile devices are ON, and the devices are connected into single WiFi network as of printer. Also, check the ip address is correct in every mobile device you use. 

Please do manual sync if any such issue occurs. Click on menu at top left of the RESTOmPOS app and select sync for manual sync process. 

In web admin, under reports you have promotion tab. On its selection you can see option to create discount coupon which can be sent to one or multiple customers in your database.